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Cosmeceuticals vs High Street

Why Cosmeceutical Skincare?

Choosing the right skincare routine can be really confusing …

I love scouring the beauty pages in magazines and seeing what the latest trend in skincare, makeup and haircare is. However, this changes every month and by the time I have finally decided to invest in a product, next month I am told to try something different!  So this month I decided to checkout reasons why the Cosmeceuticals products are superior to High Street cosmetics.

So, what should you be using and what are the real reasons why?

While a High Street cosmetic product might contain helpful ingredients featured in cosmeceuticals such as ‘Glycolic Acid’, ‘Hyaluronic acid’ or ‘Salicylic acid’. You will find that the high-street products use a significantly weaker form of the ingredient which means that they won’t get the same results cosmeceuticals can.

High Street brands are Cosmetic skin beauty treatments that will only treat the top layer of the epidermis.

They are made with cosmetic grade ingredients that will make your skin look and feel nice temporarily, however they are unable to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin for therapeutic effect.

They are working on the dead layers of the skin (stratum Corneum). Even the most expensive products are working on this layer and are unable to penetrate further. Beauty cosmetic products are loaded with extra ingredients that cause irritation and sensitivity.  Perfumes and oils can make the creams smell nice and feel nice on the skin.

Laws regulating the number of active ingredients in High Street products govern the amount that can go into them.

Cosmeceutical products however are different…

They are regulated by only being available from a medical source, hence they are allowed to contain higher levels of active ingredients. Alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA’s), beta hydroxy acids (e.g. salicylic acid), Vitamin A derivatives (e.g.: retinol, retinyl,) and growth mimicking peptides.
 Cosmeceuticals are backed by science and medical research rather than percentages and polls.

These ingredients are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin and work on the active skin cells to make therapeutic changes to them. These skin treatments help with problem skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, Rosacea and ageing. They also help in maintaining a youthful healthy glowing complexion.

As many of these products are not endorsed by celebrities, or featured in glossy magazines under the “beauty edit” you are paying for the product, and not the celebrity who was paid to say how great it might be!

How should I start my new skincare routine?


We recommend starting with 4 products – Cleanser, Treatment serum, Moisturiser and most important SPF.


Cleanser – We recommend always double cleansing and removing the cleanser with a clean wash cloth (this way you can be sure your skin is completely free of makeup, dirt and excess oils). Depending on the cleanser you have chosen roughly a 50 pence size amount is sufficient.

Serum – Should be used sparingly; one pump is enough for face and neck area.

Moisturiser – Should be used sparingly, a pea sized amount should be enough for your face and neck area.

SPF – Should be applied in the same way as your moisturiser every morning whether it sunny or raining all year round.


We recommend that you start with the basic 4 products above for the first three weeks.

Initially you may feel your skin feels slightly dryer than usual, you may have the odd breakout, however you will soon start to notice a significant positive change.


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