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Body Massage


Let stress fade away with a pampering session at our skin clinic. We recommend massages for both men and women to increase blood flow and relieve muscle tension.

Stress Relief Massage
30 mins | 
45 mins | £55
60 mins | 
75 mins | 

Stress Relief Massage with Microdermabrasion
90 mins | 

Relax with a 60-minute facial and 30-minute massage, accompanied by the exfoliating benefits of microdermabrasion.

Pregnancy Massage
60 mins | 

Massage Packages

These bespoke combinations are designed to promote a relaxing experience whilst benefitting from our results-driven facials.

30-Minute Massage & Aqua 3 | £150
30-Minute Massage & COMCIT | £205
30-Minute Massage & Microdermabrasion | £95

Amazing massage. Just the right pressure.


Many satisfied clients have submitted positive testimonials to us at CHEEK Medispa. Covering all therapies, including laser hair removal, they return to our Kings Langley skin clinic regularly for laser, skin and body transformation services because of our growing reputation, exclusive and effective treatments, and exceptional client care.


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