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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Using the award-winning and industry-leading machine – the Soprano Titanium – CHEEK Medispa has a proven track record of excellent results in removing unwanted hair. By using the clinically proven, safe and almost pain-free laser hair removal method, we treat all times of skin and most hair colours.

We remove hair from almost every area and show great sensitivity for those self-conscious by facial hair. It’s the perfect solution for clients who do not have the time to maintain a regular hair removal routine and are tired of waxing and shaving. We may well be beaten on price elsewhere but never on quality and results.

We recommended sessions of eight to achieve optimum results. Further top up maybe required. We offer a 30% discount on a course of eight sessions.

Move Over Razor, Hello Laser

By focusing a laser directly into the hair’s root, the hair follicles break down and become permanently damaged through the skin. This reduces their ability to regenerate by up to 90%.

The Soprano Titanium system is the best laser hair removal system on the market, with a cooling option designed to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

Our therapists highly recommend laser hair removal as it’s proven to be the longest-lasting form of all hair removal methods.

Soprano Titanium System

The TRIO 4cm2 applicators with Yag 1064nm or 810nm are ideally suited for darker skin tones. The Alex 755nm will also work with a range of hair colours.

From the hairs on the face to thicker and coarser growths, Soprano Titanium is the only laser hair removal method which is almost painless. This is thanks to its SHR™ technology and focused clinical testing.

Soprano Titanium is also recommended for tanned skin, ensuring sun exposure won’t leave any marks. It’s a perfect all-year-round treatment, and suitable for all skin types.

We recommended 8 sessions of Laser Hair Removal for optimum results. 30% discount applied when purchasing a course of 8.

Many satisfied clients have submitted positive testimonials to us at CHEEK Medispa. Covering all therapies, including laser hair removal, they return to our Kings Langley skin clinic regularly for laser, skin and body transformation services. All because of our growing reputation, exclusive and effective treatments, and exceptional client care.

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