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DC Lash Enhancement

For those who would prefer a more natural result. By gently applying pigment between the eyelashes, we can create the appearance of thicker lashes that still remain natural looking.

DC Eyeliner

CHEEK Medispa’s clients can now wear their favourite style with no fussy applications. Choose from top or bottom lid, or both, for a dramatic look.


  • Ensure any false eyelashes have been professionally removed before your appointment.
  • If you have been using any eyelash growth serums, please advise ASAP. Because there are some eyelash growth serums that can cause bruising up to 6 months after use.
  • Do not wear false eyelashes to your appointment.
  • Please remove your contact lenses prior to your treatment time.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses immediately after your treatment.
  • If you notice any imperfections on the eye skin 48 hours before your appointment, please advise ASAP.
  • Any eyelash tinting or perming/LVL should be carried out 14 days before your appointment.


  • It is advisable not to use any aftercare balm on the eyes. However, the provided solution may be used to bathe the eyes if they are feeling sore.
  • Avoid the use of any cosmetic products on the eyes until the area is healed


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