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Excessive Hair


Excessive hair (particularly in women) can be a symptom of a hormonal condition such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Sometimes excess hair growth has no identifiable cause; this tends to be more common in skin types from a Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and South Asian background. It can also be hereditary.

In women, excessive hair is often referred to as hirsutism. This is defined as hair in a male pattern; hair that is thick and dark, rather than finer and fairer. Hirsutism occurs when females produce an excess of male sex hormones called androgens, or are more sensitive to these hormones. All women produce androgens; it’s fluctuating levels which can cause problems.


At Cheek Medispa we have invested in the advanced Light Sheer Desire which can be used on most skin and hair types including fine velous hair. The Light Sheer Desire uses advanced 805nm diode laser wavelength technology which passes light through the skin and into the hair root, to destroy the cells so they can no longer produce hair.

Vacuum assisted technology ensures an extremely comfortable fast treatment resulting in unique pain reduction. Laser Hair Removal is an advanced, quick and comfortable way to long term successfully removing unwanted hair.

At Cheek Medispa our Aesthetician will devise a plan to ensure optimum results. Each treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs. We require a full consultation and patch test before you begin your treatment.

Recommended Treatments

We offer a wide range of excessive hair removal treatments at Cheek Medispa.

To determine the correct treatment for you, we would recommend a free consultation to discuss and evaluate your concerns and also the results you want to achieve.

We recommended 8 sessions of Laser Hair Removal for optimum results. 30% discount applied when purchasing a course of 8.


How can I reduce excess hair?

Oral contraceptives: some contraceptives such as co-cyprindiol block the male hormones (androgens) associated with excess hair. Anti-androgens: other types of medicines which also suppress androgens which need to be discussed with your Doctor.

Can I get rid of excess hair permanently?

There is no way to completely remove all unwanted hair permanently – but there are methods which provide a permanent reduction. Even when the hair follicle is damaged or destroyed via laser or electrolysis, hormonal changes can cause new follicles to develop, meaning hair will grow in that area. Laser hair removal is one of the most effective and long-lasting solutions for hair removal as it targets the individual follicles and is administered through a course of treatments.

How many Laser Hair Removal sessions will I need?

We recommend between 8 sessions depending on the area being treated. 30% discount applied when purchasing a course of 8.

Is there any down time?

There is minimal downtime with Laser Hair Removal meaning you can carry on with your day as usual after your treatment.


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