Dermal Fillers and Infrared Therapy in Hemel Hempstead | What Skin Type do You Have? Normal and Dry Explained

Do you know what type of skin you have? Would you believe the majority of us don’t, and use the incorrect skincare products? A recent study in the US showed a staggering number of people washed their faces with hand soaps, whilst others didn’t cleanse at all. As we age and our skin changes, it’s vital to understand the type we have and how to maintain it properly.

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The Four Skin Types

There are many factors that combine to produce our individual skin types. These include:

As a result of these, skin is classified as follows:

It’s essential to understand which type you have in order to take care of it properly. If you’re unsure, call us at Cheek Medispa’s skin clinic. Our aestheticians and beauty therapists will be able to assess your complexion and explain what type of skin you have.

Normal Skin

Also referred to as eudermic (from the Greek meaning ‘good skin’), our Hemel Hempstead clients with normal skin have good moisture content with natural sebum production. Characteristics include the following:

Normal skin tone is more common in younger clients. Despite having complexions that are free from the usual skin issues, it’s still important to maintain a habitual regime when it comes to skincare. Cleansing, toning and moisturising should be a regular part of your daily treatments.

Even as time progresses and sagging skin becomes inevitable, the process can be delayed with a decent skincare routine. And we’re on hand to help you remain youthful with our infrared therapy, dermal fillers, fat freezing, non-surgical facelift and laser hair removal services.

Dry Skin

Xerosis, or dry skin, is very common. With the skin struggling to retain hydration, less sebum is produced. This naturally occurring oil protects the skin from environmental factors like dirt, humidity and extreme temperatures. Without the sebum’s natural shield, dry skin presents with the following symptoms:

Dry skin is more common in women. It’s essential to purchase products that won’t prevent sebum production but encourage it instead. And skincare routines should be adapted for seasonal changes.

Please refer to our St Albans page for information relating to oil and combination skin types.

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