Non-Surgical Facelifts and Dermal Fillers in St Albans | What Skin Type do You Have? Oily and Combination Addressed

Following on from our Hemel Hempstead blog which briefly outlines normal and dry skin, this page looks at the oily and combination varieties. Cheek Medispa’s exclusive products - for a range of skin treatments - are available online and instore, each developed for the four main skin types. Please contact us at our Kings Langley skin clinic to arrange a consultation if you’re unsure which type you have.

Our aestheticians, beauty therapists and medical staff are on hand to discuss our dermal fillers, non-surgical facelift, fat freezing, infrared therapy and laser hair removal services with clients from St Albans.

Oily Skin

In contrast to the lack of sebum production in dry skin, oily skin produces too much. This condition is referred to as seborrhea, and causes blemishes and acne. It’s particularly prevalent during puberty and pregnancy, with hormonal factors playing a large part in the skin’s cycle. Oily skin is also more common in younger men, with the following symptoms:

Our experts at Cheek Medispa suggest a gentle cleanser with products that won’t clog the open pores. We also perform various skin treatments which will improve oily skin, giving a healthier and balanced complexion.

When enquiring about these successful treatments, why not find out more about our range of body sculpting and anti-ageing procedures? These include dermal fillers, non-surgical facelifts, fat freezing, infrared therapy and laser hair removal. All procedures are performed at our skin clinic for clients from St Albans.

Combination Skin

This is the most common type, combining both oily and dry skin. Clients that have combination skin experience an oily T-Zone – the forehead, nose and chin – with dry patches occurring around the eyes, cheeks and mouth.

Acne or breakouts tend to occur regularly around the oily areas, with enlarged pores and dull colouration. Due to the combination of two skin types, it’s essential to purchase and use the appropriate products. Using a cleanser for oily skin, for example, won’t be beneficial for the areas of the face that don’t require it and could result in damaged cells. Talk to our beauty therapists for advice on what to buy and how to maintain a proper skincare routine, specifically for your combination skin.

Whatever your skin type, Cheek Medispa has the most relevant skin treatments and products available at our Kings Langley skin clinic. Taking excellent care of our St Albans clients, our trained and highly knowledgeable staff perform laser hair removal, infrared therapy and fat freezing treatments. Our medical team also inject dermal fillers and conduct non-surgical facelifts with dramatic and long-lasting results.

Call us on 01923 269535 to book an appointment for dermal fillers or a non-surgical facelift. Cheek Medispa caters for both male and female clients from St Albans.

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