Exclusive Skin Treatments in Hemel Hempstead and St Albans

Clients are treated to a wealth of knowledge and expertise when visiting Cheek Medispa. With over 30 years’ combined experience between our aestheticians, beauty therapists and medical staff, we provide a range of services designed to enhance beauty and well-being.

Based in Kings Langley, our skin clinic caters for both men and women with confidentiality, a key component of our work ethic. Our clients hail from Hemel Hempstead and St Albans, the majority of whom return regularly for a selection of our renowned skin treatments.


Skin Specialists in Hertfordshire

Cheek Medispa’s therapists are highly trained to perform infrared therapy and non-surgical facelifts. The following popular skin treatments also transform the look and feel of your skin, regardless of age and type.

Skin Consultation
30 mins | £50
This price is redeemable against any of our treatments

Facial Treatments

ARTEMIS Skin Rejuvenation Treatment
POA | 3 Sessions Recommended

We use radiofrequency to lift, firm and tighten the skin, along with microneedling to penetrate deep into the dermis and stimulate the production of new and healthier collagen and elastin fibres. ARTEMIS is perfect for our St Albans clients who want an intensive anti-ageing treatment and a reduction in pigmentation.

Classic Medispa Facial
Up to 40 mins | £65

A simple yet effective treatment to deep cleanse and manually exfoliate the skin. We use a variety of products to suit all skin types and address any concerns the client may have. This is a great introductory treatment for younger clients (16+) or anyone who has never had a facial before.

Collagen Light Therapy Facial
Up to 40 mins | £75

Combining the use of both Dermalux® LED Phototherapy and radiofrequency, this treatment is suitable for those looking for anti-ageing properties whilst receiving minimal downtime and discomfort. Light therapy is used to target concerns such as pigmentation, acne and ageing, and is also recommended for rejuvenating dull and tired skin. The radiofrequency will tighten the dermis and tone fine lines.

Bespoke Red Carpet Facial
Up to 40 mins | £60

For that healthy ‘glow’ before an event or holiday, this is the perfect treatment for our clients who are looking for a quick and effective treatment with maximum results. We apply a resurfacing tonic which promotes a light exfoliation and deeper product absorption.

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion
Up to 45 mins | £75
6 x 45 mins | £350 (1 Free Session)
10 x 45 mins | £560 (2 Free Sessions)

This treatment is perfect for anyone who is new to facial therapies or requires a deep clean and intensive exfoliation. Using vacuum suction, crystals are blasted onto the first layer of skin to remove dull and dehydrated cells and control oil production. Due to the exfoliating action, we recommend microdermabrasion for both dry and oil skin types.

Up to 60 mins | £175
6 x 60 mins | £900 (Recommended)

We combine microdermabrasion, which provides a deep exfoliation of dead skin cells, with microneedling to stimulate the skin’s response system and the production of new collagen, whilst stimulating dull and dehydrated skin. COMCIT is ideal for clients who have fine line, scarring, acne and pigmentation issues.

High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound (HIFU) Non-Surgical Facelift
Face | £700
Neck | £200
Body | POA

HIFU is Cheek’s ultimate anti-ageing and non-invasive treatment which tightens the skin by targeting wrinkles, sagging jowls and loose skin around the neck area. Using ultrasound technology, the handheld device zones into the relevant muscle groups to remove damaged collagen and elastin fibres so healthy new cells can flourish. We recommend having three treatments, each three months apart for best results.

TCL Face
Up to 20 mins | £70

TCL combines cryotherapy and thermocriolipolysis (cold and hot) to activate facial muscles and stimulate the cells. The treatment is suitable for tightening the double-chin area and décolletage whilst smoothing and lifting wrinkles.

Skin Boosters

Deep Clean Treatment
Up to 20 mins | £30

For acne-prone or oily skin, our therapists will closely examine the client’s skin to ascertain which action will be most appropriate. If necessary we’ll use microlances to aid the extraction of blackheads and trapped oils.

Dermalux® LED Phototherapy

This additional treatment is suitable for all skin types as different light wavelengths are used to target various concerns, such as acne, pigmentation, collagen rejuvenation, psoriasis, inflammation and more. Phototherapy is a safe and non-evasive treatment which stimulates cellular activity beneath the epidermis to produce instant and long lasting results.

Iridium Eye Treatment
Up to 30 mins | £50

Another form of lymphatic drainage, this treatment massages and warms the contours of tired eyes, aiding the appearance of dark shadows and eye bags.


A complementary treatment for all Cheek Medispa’s advanced facials, radiofrequency uses energy to heat the deep layers of the dermis and stimulate collagen production. We highly recommend this therapy for improving the signs of sagging skin and wrinkles.

Skin Peels

Aqua3 Deep Peel with Microdermabrasion
Up to 60 mins | £105

This is the most inclusive facial for all skin types as multiple technologies and techniques are used to target concerns such as acne, scarring, pigmentation, ageing, and dull skin. Microdermabrasion, mesotherapy (needle-free therapy), a mini skin peel, and a selection of water-based acids are combined in order to achieve a deep clean and intense exfoliating treatment with minimal downtime.

Aqua3 Hydra-Facial with TCL+ (Thermocriolipo Technology)
Up to 90 mins | £150

Combining a number of techniques and technologies, this facial is suitable for all skin types. The addition of thermocriolipo technology also boosts the anti-ageing effect of the Aqua3 and aids the effective tightening of loose and sagging skin.

Cheek Lux Peel
Up to 60 mins | £105

During our renowned Cheek Lux facial, we apply a glycolic peel to chemically exfoliate and dissolve the first layer of the epidermis. This achieves a smoother and more brighter complexion with a rejuvenated glow. Radiofrequency is also added to promote an anti-aging effect due to the heating of the dermis and the subsequent stimulation of new collagen fibres.

This facial is a regular must have!

Glycolic Peel
Up to 40 mins | £75

As one of Cheek’s most popular facials, our glycolic skin peel is perfect for clients in St Albans who experience breakouts or suffer from dry or dehydrated skin. The AHA works to dissolve the dead skin particles whilst chemically exfoliating the skin in a safe procedure with minimal downtime.

PCA Pore Minimising Peel
Up to 40 mins | £75

This treatment is most suited to clients who are looking to reduce pore size whilst maintaining the balance of their skin by controlling oil production. The facial will also aid breakouts and redness with minimal downtime involved.

PCA Perfecting Peel
Up to 40 mins | £75

Our chemical resurfacing treatment is suitable for clients with sensitive, ageing, discoloured or breakout-prone skin. The gentleness of the peel helps to improve surface texture by smoothing fine lines and promoting a more even skin tone.

PCA Brightening Boost Peel
Up to 40 mins | £75

With zero downtime required, this mild enzymatic and antioxidant medi-facial is an excellent solution for clients with sensitive skin who wish to improve tone and texture.

“I wanted to create a space at Cheek working alongside skincare brands I absolutely love, and I know my clients will love.”
- Gemma Depiano, Founder of Cheek Medispa

Serving clients from Hemel Hempstead and St Albans, our skin clinic in Kings Langley is proud to offer Harley Street therapies in Hertfordshire. We sell the skin treatment products we use, in store and via our online shop.

We provide a free consultation service for our current and potential clients, which is available at our premises and online via Zoom. Please contact us for further details.

*All treatments are bespoke and treatment times may vary.

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