Infrared Therapy and Laser Hair Removal in Watford | The Life Cycle of Our Skin Explained

Whether we’re ageing gracefully, or new to skin care routines, it’s important to understand why our skin behaves the way it does. Why do we get spots? Why do we look healthier with a glowing complexion one day, but not the next? What are we doing wrong? We can agree that our lifestyle, lack of proper skincare routines and external polluting factors will play a vital role in how we look. Illness, monthly cycles and menopausal side-effects can also interfere with our skin’s natural journey.

Cheek Medispa is a leading name in a range of cosmetic procedures and skin treatments. We provide laser hair removal, infrared therapy, dermal fillers, non-surgical facelifts and fat freezing services at our skin clinic, with a growing list of clients from Watford.

Here we explain why our complexion can vary from week to week.

Our Skin Cycle

As new skin cells grow, they work their way up from the deepest layer of the epidermis to the surface of the skin. There they naturally flake off.

Since our general makeup varies from person to person, and age plays an important role in our skin’s journey, no two skin cycles will be alike. The average turnaround is 5-6 weeks. Younger skin will develop over 3-4 weeks, whilst mature skin will grow over 8-12 weeks, taking considerably longer as we age.

When the process naturally slows down or we don’t follow a cleansing and nourishing skin routine, the dead cells remain on the surface of the skin, presenting as wrinkles, blemishes and discolouration.

Our Watford clients can avail of a range of treatments at Cheek Medispa’s skin clinic that will aid a more beneficial cycle. For dull, sagging and ageing skin, our aestheticians and therapists will perform infrared therapy, non-surgical facelifts and fat freezing treatments. We can also plump out target areas to promote a more youthful complexion with a variety of dermal fillers.

The laser hair removal service we offer will also improve skin that suffers from the constant use of waxing, shaving or other depilatory products.

Don’t panic if your skin breaks out or looks tired and in poor condition. You can amend your lifestyle to promote healthier cells from within, such as remaining more hydrated, cleansing your skin properly and using a good quality moisturiser. Our facial therapies will also heal and rejuvenate all skin types, resulting in more radiant and glowing complexions. And the superior products we use are available to purchase online and instore.

Cheek Medispa’s renowned procedures are performed at our Kings Langley skin clinic, and include fat freezing, non-surgical facelifts, dermal fillers, infrared therapy and laser hair removal. Please click onto the relevant pages for more information about the services we provide for our clients from Watford.

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